Build Next-gen solutions for your
healthcare & life sciences needs with our

Build Next-gen solutions for your healthcare & life sciences needs with our

AI & Data Science in Healthcare

AI & Data Science in Life Sciences



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We have the foresight and expertise to create next-gen solutions for your Healthcare & Life Sciences needs with our AI Experts, Data Scientists, and Bioinformaticians

AI & Data Science in Healthcare

Advanced Patient Data Analytics

We analyze complex relationships in your data to provide value to your healthcare ecosystem.

AI Driven Diagnostics & Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

AI-driven diagnostics can reduce time for diagnosis, bring higher accuracy in diagnosis, and monitor patients remotely.

Medical Data Annotation

Our experts can provide reliable medical image annotation or can automate the labeling workflow with deep learning models.

Insurance Claim Validation

Modernizing insurance data to drive intelligent decisions.

We at Ikiminds empower healthcare teams to improve care, enhance patient outcomes, and make health care management more efficient.

AI & Data Science in Life Sciences

Data Driven Drug Discovery - NCEs & Biologics

Unleashing the power of AI to accelerate drug discovery

BioMarker Discovery & Validation

Providing a panoramic view of the target

Target Identification

Take advantage of our AI-enabled curated databases to find the ideal target.

Drug Repurposing

AI-driven drug repurposing: a faster way to get on the market

AI-enabled technologies have the potential to reduce 70% of the overall expenditure associated with Drug Discovery across the world.

Digital CRO

CRO (end-to-end) Services

We bring your product to market in a timely and cost-effective manner by providing end to end CRO services, SMEs, modern technologies, data analytics, and access to a global network.

In Silico Clinical Trials

In Silico Trials are a powerful way to improve the chances of success in your clinical trial program. Our technology can reduce the number of patients needed in a clinical trial and more accurately predict how a drug will perform in the real world.

Regulatory Services

We provide seamless regulatory submissions in collaboration with regulatory authorities

Scientific Writing and Medical Writing

Let us handle your scientific writing and communications so you can focus on R&D.

We are a Digital CRO that improves collaboration across the clinical trial ecosystem. We transform services, products, and processes to lower risk and increase control. 

Advanced Genomics

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Ikimind’s expert Bioinformaticians and Data Scientists have the required skillsets to custom build your bioinformatics pipelines from multi-omics data.

Next-Gen Sequencing Services – Illumina & Nanopore

We provide access to world-class genomic facilities to assemble genomes, discover genetic variations, measure gene expression, and other related services required to accelerate your scientific research.

We at IKIMINDS use next-gen sequencing technologies and AI powered analytics to decode genetic variants that are integral in disease identification and personalized medicine.

Our Subject Matter Experts Are Here For You

We are a team of data scientists, computational biologists, PhDs, and domain experts who help transform biological data into impactful insights and solutions. We specialize in Data Science, AI/ML, and Bioinformatics and provide contract research services, bioinformatics data analysis, and AI & Data science services to our clients in healthcare, lifesciences, and medical device companies.

We offer a broad range of specialized services spanning the product development lifecycle, in silico trials, computational biology, and large-scale multicentric global projects. Our expert biomedical engineering and scientific team can deploy SaaS and PaaS services alongside our partners to help clients in their digital transformation journey.

About Ikiminds

We are experts in data science, machine learning and bioinformatics ready to deliver ground breaking solutions and services.

We help you with your data-related needs, whether it’s contract research, data interpretation, AI implementations & data science services. We are here to help you find solutions to your most complex scientific problems. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

We provide a solution-orientated integrative approach to scientific problems and interpret the outcomes to pertinent discipline-specific questions. We understand the intricate challenges in Healthcare and Life Sciences and have the capability to address them.

Transforming Healthcare and Life Sciences industry by leveraging modern technologies

We help you modernize R&D and implement solutions by using our capabilities, technology, data analytics and global healthcare network. Our spectrum of offerings range from enterprise-ready to custom build solutions that will help you achieve your modernization and business transformation goals.

Business Efficiency

We derive insights from your data to identify new business opportunities, better serve your customers, optimize your value chains and improve your profitability

Cost Optimization

We implement innovative technologies at scale to reduce your costs and improve operational excellence


Modelling, Simulation and our AI based platforms/services accelerate your roadmap to launch


We bring relevant innovation at the various stages of healthcare & life sciences product life cycle

Our Tech Expertise

We leverage modern technologies to drive business growth.

Case Studies

Read more about our work across various applications in healthcare and life sciences.

In silico AI Bioreactor

Problem Statement: Our product value proposition is to transform a one week cell-culture experiment into just a one day simulation. The evolving technologies in laboratory

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AI in Pathology

Problem Statement: Early diagnosis of cancer is critical, which requires the clinician to analyze a large volume of complicated data, including Pathology slides. Qualified pathologists are

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We want to empower you!

Leverage years of experience, agile approaches, and advanced augmented intelligence to ensure you draw impactful conclusions from your medical data given your goals, preferences, circumstances, and assets.